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Psychic Surgery
Skeptic's Dictionary: psychic surgery, The Facts About Faith Healing, Unconventional Therapies: Psychic Surgery
Catholic Encyclopedia: Spiritism
History and methods of Spiritism (here distinguished from Spiritualism) and the dangers inherent in its practice and beliefs.
Colin Fry medium for Living TV
Is the television medium Colin Fry genuine? Sceptic investigates the claims of mediumship and the charges of fraud made in Psychic News.
Didaskalos Ministries: Spiritualism
A detailed look at Spiritualism, or Spiritism, and how it is in direct contrast to Christianity.
Exposing Spiritualism
Photos, newspaper articles, and other materials documenting stage magician and escape artist Harry Houdini's challenges to mediums and Spiritualism.
Modern Spiritualism: A Subject of Prophecy and a S
Book critical of Spiritualism, from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. Full text online.
Spiritualism Exposed: Margaret Fox Kane Confesses
Founder of modern Spiritualism confesses how the movement was built on a lie. [New York World]
Stewarton Bible School: Spiritism
Bible study on the dangerous error of consulting or heeding evil spirits.
The Birth of Spiritualism--The Story of the Fox Si
Brief article on the origins of modern Spiritualism.
The Skeptic's Dictionary: spiritualism (spiri
Sceptical view of Spiritualism and its associated parts such as mediumship.