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Ahmadiyya and Deendar Anjuman, Ahmadiyya and New Age, Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Fatwa, Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of I, Quran, A Simple way of looking at Qadiyaanism, A Study of the Ahmadiyya Movement, Ahmadiyya's Booklet - Review of Religions, Ahmadiyyat (Qadianism , Mirzaiyyat , Lahorism) Exp, Anti-Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Exposing Qadiyanis, Fallacy of the Prophecies of Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani, Islam vs. Qadiyanism, Pakistani Constitution and Qadianis (Qadiani and L, Qadiani (Ahmadiyya) Claim of Eclipses Examined
Christian Views
Answering Islam, Anti Fundamentalist Islam League, Biblical Christianity Explained to Muslims, Hope for Muslims through Jesus Christ, Islam Challenges Christianity ... and the Tougher , Islam In America, Islam looks at Jesus in the Koran, Islam Review, Islam: The Way, the Truth, and the Light?, Islamic Teachings Compared to Christ's
Deendar Anjuman
Anjuman Deendar Cult, Deendar Anjuman in the Press
Born Again Christian Info : A Simple Message, Faith Freedom International, Muslims for Christ
Hindu Views
Bharatvani Institute On-line Books, Hindu Unity, Jai Hinduism
Invitation to Islam
Deviation of Tabligh al-Jama'at, Tableegi-Jamaa'at
Deobandism, Extremism, Khilafah, Salafiism, A Sufi Response to Political Islamism, Deoband to Bareilly, Islam without Islamic Law, Protecting Muslims while rooting out Islamists, Qatar University Dean against Fanatic Islamists
Jewish Views
Islam and the Muslim World
Nation of Islam
ADL Nation of Islam Page, Answering the Nation of Islam, Black Anti-Semitism: Why ?, Black Muslims and the Nation of Islam, Critical Evaluation of the Nation of Islam, Cults and Sects: Nation of Islam, Farrakhanism, Farrakhanism (Nation of Islam), Fatwa: Nation of Islam is not Islam, Is Islam racist?
Fatwa: Anti-Hadith Ideology is Kufr
Shia's and Sunni's, Sunnis versus Shia, The Myth of a Jaa'fari Madhhab
A Miracle or a Deception?, Are there Mathematical Miracles in the Quran or th, Opposing Submitters or Khalifites, The Code 19 Deceit, The Khalifites (19ers), The Mysterious 19 In The Qur'an - A Critical , The Rashad Khalifa Cult Exposed
Naqshbandi, Enneagram versus the Catholic Church, Fatwa: What is the Place of Sufism in Islam?, How I became a Shadhuli, Islamic Hell, Mawlid according to Quran and Sunnah, Refuting Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Sufism, the Deviated Path, Sufism, the Path of Misguidance, Tawhid in Sufism, The Deviations of Sufism
Fatwa: What is the Difference between Shi'a a
Freethought Mecca
Satirical and serious looks at Islam.
History of Islam
An account of the rise and historical development of Islam, written from a Baha'i perspective including emphasis on the Shi'ite lineage from which the Baha'i religion sprang.
Jihad Watch
Blog dedicated to bringing public attention to the role that jihad theology and ideology plays in the modern world, correcting popular misconceptions about the role of jihad and religion in modern-day conflicts, and alerting people to the nature of the war that radical Islam is waging against the rest of the world.
Koran Exposed!
Alternative interpretation of the Koran, the Holy Book of Muslims. Uses extensive quotations.
A blog comparing Muslims to Jawas and containing criticism and satire of Islamic traditions and beliefs.
The Prevailing Myth
Proof of internal inconsistency of Islamic dogma and an estimate of its true nature by an Atheist.
The Sword of Militant Islam
Charges that Islam is on the move and is prepared to extinguish any and all civilizations that get in its way.
Tolerance in Islam
Paper which attempts to prove that Islam is not a tolerant religion.
Understanding the Concept of Jihad
Following the attacks of 11 Sept, this website asserts that Islam teaches violence.