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CRI Founder's Family Publicly Denounces Haneg, Did Tertullian Really Exist? Did Cyprian? Did Hipp, Is Hank Hanegraff the Rightful President of the Ch, Is the Good News Bear a Copycat?, Martin, Walter R.
Hyles, Jack, Baptism Party, Biblical Truth for Baptists
A Brief Survey of Biblical Errancy, A Skeptical View of Christianity and the Bible, And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bibl, Best-Selling Errancy, Bible, Bible Perspectives, Bible Quiz, Biblical Criticism, Biblical Errancy, Biblical Errancy
Thomas Paine Archive
Buddhist Views
Abrahamic Monotheism versus the Buddha's Dhar, Beyond Belief: A Buddhist Critique of Christianit
Calvinism Critiqued, Faith Contenders, Michael Servetus' Ashes Cry Out Against John , The Lies of Michael Horton, the Legacy of Charles
Catholic Church of the Apostles of the Latter Time, Opus Dei, Orders, Society of Saint Pius X, The Two Babylons, A Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism, Antichrist Conspiracy, Chick Publications, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Easy Steps to Excommunication, Ecumenism with Roman Catholics?, False Union With Rome, Fascinating Reading of the Holy Bible for Roman Ca, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, Former Catholics for Christ
Churches of God
All2true, Ambassador Files, Ambassador Report, Ambassador Watch, Associates Online - Progressive Education for the , Darrell W. Conder's Study Page, Exit & Support Network, Non-Believer Former-Members of the Worldwide Churc, Religious Movements: Worldwide Church of God, The Painful Truth
Benny Hinn, Bob Larson, Jack Chick, T D Jakes, A Verdict on Josh McDowell, By Your Words, Confronting the Superstitious Church of the 21st C, Creflo Dollar, CROSS+WORD: Exposing Endtimes Deception, Cult or Christianity?, Discernment Web Ring, Exposing Those Who Contradict, Family Radio Is Wrong, Holy Molars
Personal Pages, Ex-Christian Org, Exchristian.Net, Losing My Religion, No Longer a Christian, Quotes from ex-Christians, The EX-TIAN (ex-Christian) Mailing List, The Highway.com, Walk Away from Fundamentalism
Fundamentalist Organizations
Focus on the Family, Battle For The Minds, Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity Exposed, Fundamentalists Anonymous: Twelve Steps to Sanity, Interfaith Alliance, Jesus Christ the Bible and Fundamentalism, NOW on the Promise Keepers, Some Errors of Dogmatic and Pedantic Religion, The KKKristian KKKoalition and Pat Robertson, The Radical Religious Right, Understanding the Religious Reich
Greater Grace World Outreach
The Watchman Expositor: 'Greater Grace'
International Churches of Christ
Amelia Kleymann, Comics for All Nations, CultsOnCampus.com, Ex-ICC Member's Online Forum, ICOC Debate on Delphi, International Churches Of Christ: Who They Are, Wh, RECLAIM - Former ICC Members, RESOURCE, REVEAL, RightCyberUp
Jehovah's Witnesses
Christian Views, Humor, Personal Experiences, Research, Historical and Current, Secular Support, A Common Bond - San Francisco Chapter, Beacon Light for Former Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood Transfusions & Jehovah's Witnesses., Diane Wilson, Ex-JWS.net, EXETAZO (verify, examine, explore) Jehovah's , Giving a Voice to a Voiceless Community, Jehovah's Witnesses & Blood Transfusions, Jehovah's Witnesses, menace to Muslim homes, Jehovahs Witness Discussion Forum - Homepage
Falsified History, Moral Failings, Is Jesus God?, Is Jesus Really the Jewish Messiah?, Miracles of Jesus Christ?
Jewish Views
ADL Concerned Mel Gibson's 'Passion&apos, Did the Jews Kill Jesus?, Is Paul the father of misogyny and anti-Semitism?, Jewish-Christian Talk, Matthew - A Gospel for Messianic Jews, Only for Jews, Response to Romans, Why wasn't Jesus the Jewish Messiah?
Latter Day Saints
Alpha and Omega Ministries, Apologetics for Christians - Latter-day Saints, Mo, Berean Christian Ministries, Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, Book of Mormon Research Page, Challenge Ministries, Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, Concerned Christians, Ex-Mormon Christian, Freedom In Truth Outreach
Local Church
Extra Stuff from Servant Authority Bible Study, Local Church Information Site, Spiritual Authority: A Review, Watching Out for Watchman Nee, WithChrist.org: Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, Witness Lee and the Local Church
Messianic Judaism
A Message for Messianic Jews, Christian, the Christian Jew and Racial Discrimin, Derech Emet, Escape from Counterfeit Judaism, From Messianic Jew to? Muslim Jew, JDL: The Quiet Holocaust - The Perfidious Plot to , Jews for Judaism, Outreach Judaism, The Referenced Messianic Jewish Review
Muslim Views
Answering Christianity. Islam's Answers, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, Christianity: A Journey from Facts to Fiction, christinfocus.com-Islam, Church doctrines which contradict the holy bible., Jamaat.Net
Origins and Creation
Personal Pages, Buddika's 300 Creationist Lies, Creation "Science" Debunked, Creationism and Pseudo Science, Creationist Lies and Blunders, Creationists File: Bill Morgan, Design Yes, Intelligent No, Discovery Institute's "Wedge Project&quo, Edward T. Babinski on Evolution vs. Creationism, Evolution & Creationism (OU CALL), Evolution and Creationism
Jesus, Adult Christianity: For Christ's Sake, Antichrist Bob's Family Fun Pages, Ask Doctor Bible, Betty Bowers is a Better Christian Than You, Book of the Holy Brown, Captain Breakfast's Demonic Agent of the Week, Christian Newswire Service, Cult of Cod, Ernestine's Precious Moments, FUBAR!
Promise Keepers
NOW on the Promise Keepers, Promise Keepers: Is This Hatred?
Seventh-day Adventists
Former Adventist Fellowship Online, Life Assurance Ministries, Research on Seventh-day Adventism, Seventh Day Adventism: A False Church Exposed, Seventh-day Adventism examined, The Ellen White Website, Truth or Fables, What Do the Seventh-Day Adventists Believe?
The Way International
"The Way International": Its History, Beyond The Way International, Ex-Cultworld Magazine, Greasespot Cafe Forums, Inside The Way International, NAMB: The Way International, No Way Out, PFAL Review, The Cult That Snapped: A Journey Into The Way Inte, The Way Purges Ranks
Unification Church
A Weekend With the "Moonies", Dark Side of the Moon, Freedom of Mind - The Moon Organization, Heartbreak and Rage - Ten Years Under Sun Myung Mo, Moonies, Moonism/Unificationism: A Threat to Democracy and , Moonism: Open Letter to George Bush, P.M. Magazine - "Escape from the Moonies", Sun Myung Moon is Telling Christian Ministers to T, The Dark Side of Rev. Moon
Word of Faith Movement
An Examination of the Word-Faith Movement, Apologetics and World Religions Links, False Teachings, Kenneth Hagin Ministries: Where's The Faith?, Let Us Reason: Word Faith, Prophets of Profit, The Berean Outpost
'Anti-Christianity' and Who-Hates-Who?
An essay on Christian hate.
The FFTAC is an alliance of individuals and organizations that are attempting to expose the atrocities of the church, and the government.
Antichrist Atheist Network
Discusses anti-christianity and atheism.
Apologetics Reviews
An atheist reviews some popular evangelical Christian resources.
Biblical America Resistance Front
"Resisting a Biblical America" - A resource for all who work to monitor and counter the social and political movement that aims to use its particular reading of the Bible as the basis of governance and American society.
Celsus, the First Nietzsche
TF Bertonneau meticulous analysis of Celsus? critique of Christianity concludes that Nietzschean anti-Christianism is amazingly similar.
Certified Insane Christian Site of the Day
Some people are nuts for Jesus.
Christianity - Bogus Beyond Belief
"This web site examines Christian beliefs with a skeptical eye. There are a few original articles here, some great articles copied from other sites, a number of pages of responses and many informative links."
Christianity Meme
Christianity is a highly evolved meme (life form that lives in the minds of people). A Meme's only agenda is to survive and propagate. Those infected with the Christianity Meme are prone to certain kinds of immoral behavior.
Departure: Relinquishing the Christian Mythos
Considers "Christ" as a concept rather than as a person or deity of any sort. Various short articles.
Even If I Did Believe...
An essay examining the morality of the Christian God.
Networking and support for those who have left Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations/churches. Includes a busy discussion forum.
Falacy of Christianity
Examining the fallacies, misinterpretations and misinformation found in Christian religion.
Forgery in Christianity
"A documented record of the foundation of Christianity."
God Hates Christians
A collection of quotes from the Bible illustrating God's condemnation of the practices of modern Christian zealots.
Gospel Assembly Church
A website providing information on a Pentecostal organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, and its founder Lloyd Goodwin.
Jesus is Savior
Claims that the pure spirit of Christianity, as expressed in the King James Bible, has been corrupted by everyone from the Catholic Church to Billy Graham. Includes book on salvation through faith in Jesus, in PDF or Word format.
Meteors and Other Judgments of God
An editorial on predictions made by popular Christian leaders and the importance of credibility over blind faith.
Missionary Ethics?
An AAH Examiner article on Christian hypocrisy from a Humanist perspective.
Rescue UBF
A support group format ministry for ex-members of the University Bible Fellowship, or UBF. Dedicated to the purpose of recovery, restoration and reconciliation.
Skeptics Corner
A skeptic's commentary about the Bible and Christianity compiled from the works of scholars.
Some Thoughts About Theology
"Dedicated to exposing religions for what they really are. It may contain humor, satire, essays, or anything else that someone has written exposing the fear, hated, abuse, guilt, and cult behavior of those who claim to know the truth."
Stupid Jesus Tricks
This page is dedicated to exposing the more extreme (and laughable) aspects of religious belief. This may range from outright hatred of self and fellow man, to harmless lunacy and gullibility - you be the judge.
The Christian Enterprise
Explains the pagan origins of Jesus and examines the actions of the Christian church in the Inquisition, the Crusades, and other historical events.
The Selfishness of Christianity
A newly defined phenomenon is explained as the reason why so many believe in Christianity and religion in general.
The Thought Shop
Demonstrating Thought in Action and Specializing in Scalable Information Distribution since 1971.
The Unacceptable Cost of Religious Superstition
In many states it's legal to let your own children die because of religious beliefs. This page has case studies of superstition causing innocent kids to die - or God deciding that a child should die, depending on your interpretation.
Truth Be Known by Acharya S
Critical examination of various aspects of Christianity and religion in general.
Yeshua/Jesus and Judaism versus Paul and Christian
An argument that the Apostle Paul was a maverick who did not found the true Church.