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Christian Views
Buddha or Jesus? Speculations versus Security!, Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism Contradicts the Truth of the Bible, Catholic Encyclopedia's Definition of Buddhis, Sonrise Center for Buddhist Studies, The Tycoon
Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Ex-FWBO Index, FWBO Discussion, The Mind Control Process in the Friends of the Wes
Lenz, Frederick
Cult Studies Journal, Ex-Cult Resource Center, Frederick Lenz aka Rama, Zen Master Rama, Freedom Of Mind Center, Rama, Frederick Lenz, Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong
Kempon Hokke, Nichiren Shoshu, Soka Gakkai, Mystical Materialism for the Masses, Reform the Nichiren Buddhist Debate, Yahoo! Groups: Nichiren Shoshu Taiten
Zen and the Art of Divebombing, Zen and the Art of Not Knowing God, Zen: A Trinitarian Critique
A transcript from The Hour of Judgment radio series in which two Buddhists from the Dae Kwang Sa Zen Temple in Brisbane are interviewed by the rationalist hosts.
Call For a New Buddhism
Claiming that the West must develop its own Jeffersonian Buddhism based on noble principles of dignity and respect for all.
Ethics: Judaism and Buddhism
A brief explanation of the view that the moral dimension does not exist in Buddhism. From the Spiral Institute for Kabbalah.
Four Schools of Buddhism Refuted by Vedanta-sutra
Hindu refutation of Buddhist philosophy.
Han Yu's Memorial to Buddhism
One of the leaders in the Confucian counterattack on Buddhism was the classical prose stylist and poet Han Yu (768-824 CE), who in 819 CE composed this vitriolic polemic attacking Buddhism. A champion of rationalism, Han Yu wished to suppress Daoism as well as Buddhism.