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Catholics and Secret Societies
"The Freemasons claim they are not a secret organization or a religion, but their own literature says that they are." Introduction to Masonry, and why the Church condemns it as being antithetical to the Christian faith.
Devil with Freemasonry
An indictment of Freemasonry based on fundamentalist Christian interpretations of Masonic symbolism and scripture.
Ephesians 5:11
An explanation of why Christians should lead people away from the Masonic Lodge, and resources to assist in the task.
Free Masons--The Enemy of Islam
A warning to Muslims about Freemasonry.
Freemasonry and Christianity
Annotated transcript of sermon by Dr. Alva J. McClain delivered to the First Brethren Church of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he served as pastor from 1918 to 1923.
Freemasonry Is a Non-Christian Occult Religion
Why Masonry is incompatible with Christianity, partial list of denominations which have condemned Freemasonry, further links.
Freemasonry Proven to be Occultic
Masonry stands condemned by God because it uses occultic practices and praises the principles of false religions.
Freemasonry Resource Files
Christian perspective on Freemasonry and Masonic lodges, including the Shriners and the York Rite.
Freemasonry Watch
"Monitoring the Invisible Empire" Large collection of graphics and anti-masonic commentary and articles.
Freemasonry, Conspiracy Within, Initiation and the
Evidence that the higher Masonic degrees conceal the true nature of Freemasonry as a Satanic religion. Based on an 1871 book by Albert Pike, 33rd degree Mason, called "Morals and Dogma in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite."
Freemasonry--Sons of the Widow
Critical look at Masonic initiation, passwords, symbols and legend.
How Freemasonry Corrupts Christianity
Describes how Masonry is blasphemous and leads Christians away from Jesus Christ.
Humanum Genus
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, promulgated in 1884. Condemns freemasonry under whatever name as being a secret society which is hostile to Christianity.
Masonry (Freemasonry)
An overview of Freemasonry and description of its condemnation by the Catholic Church.
The Masonic Lodge and the Christian Conscience
Reprint of an article by John Weldon that first appeared in the Winter 1994 issue of the Christian Research Journal explaining why Freemasonry is inconsistent with biblical teaching despite a decision by the 1993 Southern Baptist Convention to allow its members to join the Lodge.
The Question of Freemasonry
Critical analysis of Freemasonry from a Christian perspective.
The Witchcraft Side of Masonry
A list of occultists and witches who were Masons. Meant as a warning to Christians, who are not to be "unequally yoked."