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Ritual Circumcision
Circumcision - A Source of Jewish Pain, Is it Anti-Semitic to Question Circumcision?, Jewish Circumcision in the News, Questioning Jewish Circumcision
God is a Killer
A look at the God of the Old Testament, focusing on murders and mass killings committed or approved by him.
God is living in Japan
Assertion of the theory that Japan is an Orthodox Jewish country, and that Israel is not.
Judaism and Jewish Apologetics
To many Jews the basic tenet of Judaism and Jewish teaching is a message of morality, tolerance, peace and human dignity. This article deals with the moral aspects of the Jewish religion.
King Solomon: Fact or Fiction
A conclusion, based on lack of archaeological evidence, that King Solomon and his empire never existed.
Outreach to Judaism
A Biblical response to Rabbi Tovia Singer's Outreach Judaism.
The Talmud
White pride group takes a harsh look at Jewish beliefs and practices.