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Footnotes: Pronouns, Gender Exclusive Language, Gender Fair Language, Gender in Language, Gender-Neutral Pronoun Frequently Asked Questions, Some Notes on Gender-Neutral Language, The History and Status of Singular Their (with Exa, Viewpoints from Involvement -- "Thon"
Diagnostic Dilemmas of Transvestitism
Sexologists challenge the view that cross-dressing is a mental illness and suggest that the transvestic fetishism diagnosis may distract clinicians from addressing genuine psychological distress.
Psychology of Gender Identity & Transgenderism
A transsexual psychologist critiques the psychopathology of gender identity disorder and transvestic fetishism. She discusses personal experiences and scholarly topics in psychology, neuroscience, and sexology.
Sexuality in Transsexual and Transgender Individua
An undergraduate sociology honors thesis examines the sexual desires of transgendered persons with an extensive literature review and a small qualitative survey.
The Disparate Classification of Gender and Sexual
Katherine Wilson examines the concepts of gender identity and sexual orientation as the have been used to define mental disorders. She questions how consistently the DSM applies definitions.
Trans-Academic Mailing List
Subscribe to a low-volume information-oriented list for transgendered / transsexual academics. Topics include psychology, medicine, law, and social welfare. Typical posts include calls for papers, conference announcements, and reference requests.
Discussion forums bring together those who study gender theory and the trans-community. Learn about queer studies graduate programs and teaching with instructional materials and a bibliography.
Transsexual, Transgender, and Intersex History
The TransHistory Project documents the history of people who do not neatly fit into binary sex/gender definitions. It aims to educate transgendered persons about their history by examining the roles of supporters, detractors, and organizations.
Transtudies: An Online Course Project
This guides to the study of gender differences and transgender expression in academic environments includes syllabi, teaching suggestions, annotated bibliographies, student papers, and links.