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Mailing Lists
AAKSIS, ButchBrothers, CAHsupport, Hypospadias, klinefelterssyndromesgateway, Straight Spouse Network, TRANSissues, TurnersSyndrome-L, XXYNOY, XXYWives
A Family Transgender Affair, A Parent's Dilemma, About Our Transgendered Children, An Open Letter To the Parents of Transsexual Child, Gay, Transgendered, or Both?, Hermaphrodite Education & Listening Post, Hypospadias: A parent's guide to surgery, Justevelyn.com, Justin's Home page, My daughter changed sex.
Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE), Kids with Transgender Parents, My Dad Just Said, Talking With Your Children About Gender Identity I
A Many Gendered Thing
Uses a case example of a transgendered couple to help explore the feelings each has and deal with the needs and rights of the partners of these gender-gifted persons.
An Open Letter to the Parents, Family and Friends
Helps to define transsexualism for friends and family of the transgendered, and explain imporant issues they are going through.
CDSO Online Forum
Private, moderated email support for wives and girlfriends of male crossdressers.
Christian Significant Others of Crossdressers
A safe haven for the partners of Christian crossdressers to find support and fellowship.
Dana Bourne, webDOTgal
Resources for transgendered people and their significant others.
Even Genetic Girls Get the Blues
Personal essay about one woman's first meeting for significant others of cross-dressers.
For the Wives and Girlfriends
Reflections and advice for and by significant others of crossdressers and transvestites.
If You're Going to Be a Female, Please Don&ap
A 39 year old wife with a transgendered husband writes about her frustrations and problems in the relationship.
Kathy and Amanda
A hetrosexual crossdresser and his wife share their biographies, pictures and real life adventures.
Minnie Bruce Pratt
A poet-activist with samples of her works, upcoming speaking engagements, biography, and writing projects.
Patty and Mikal
Mikal is 23 yrs. old and is a pre-everything FTM. Patty is 33 yrs. old and a bi femme boychick. They are looking to make new friends in this ever expanding FTM-S/O community.
PFT/TGS Online Helpline
Helps answer questions to an appropriate helpline volunteer or serve as an intermediary to the list.
Star's T* SO Support Page
Extensive collection of support links, by leader of an Illinois support group for significant others of crossdressers.
The Couples' Network
Advice on transgenderism from one is has navigated through it. With biography, articles and resources that are helpful and encouraging.
Trans Forming Families Book - Excerpts
Little tastes of what's in the whole book, with captions like "Tell Grandma I'm a Boy" and "More Than 'Standing By My Trans'."
Partnering issues in the transgendered community.
A support group for transgendered and transsexual people, their parents, partners, children, other family members, friends, and supportive others.
Sample issue of the newsletter of tgs-PFLAG. Newer editions not available on line.
Transsexualism and Gender Transition FAQ
Information for friends, family, and co-workers of the transgendered person. Question and answer format. Supportive, simple, clear content.
TS and Marriage
Asserts that the transition of a transgendered should not be the reason to dissolve a marriage, and uses his own marriage as an example. Explores discrimination and fear encountered from others and problems in insurance.
Vanessa Kaye's Gender-Gifted Pages
A web source for couples in TG relationships.
What If?
Essay by a Quaker P-FLAG member, exploring a plethora of questions asked and a lot of self-doubt involved about helping a transgendered person.
When you love the one you're with
A guide to information that will help confused people manage changing situations, and to serve as a reminder to those related to transgendered people that they are not alone.