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Court Cases
Brockton MA Court Rules in Favor of Transgender St, Columbia High Court Restricts Intersex Genital Mut, Couple fights for son, 6, they say is girl at hear, Hernandez-Montiel v. Immigration and Naturalizatio, Littleton v. Prange (1999), Rosa v. Park West Bank (1st Cir., 2000), Schwenk v. Hartford (9th Cir., 2000)
Discrimination Against Transgendered People
Summary of existing case law in the U.S., including employment discrimination, parental issues, marriage, immigration, and prison issues; authored by Shannon Minter, senior staff attorney, National Center for Lesbian Rights.
Human Rights Commission
Resource for employers, legislators, human relations directors, or human rights officials trying to institute policies prohibiting discrimination against transgender people.
Investigation into Discrimination Against Transgen
A report by the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, 1994 that led to the addition of gender identity to the San Francisco human rights law. Linked from this page, PDF format.
Press for Change
A political lobbying and educational organisation that campaigns for equal civil rights and liberties for all transgendered people in the United Kingdom, through legislation and social change. Extensive resources and a document library.
Spencer Bergstedt Attorney At Law
Transman attorney based in Lynnwood, WA. Features services, legal experience and vitae, volunteer and community service, education and certification.
Transgender Equality: A Handbook for Activists and
Guide to passing transgender-inclusive non-discrimination legislation with introduction to transgender issues, language for legislation, talking points, comprehensive resource listing. 96-page book in PDF format, June 2000.
Transgender Issues and Sexual Orientation
A 1997 issue of the National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law, including three articles, and a brief to the European Court of Human Rights in the case of X,Y, and Z v. UK.
Transgender Law and Policy
Up-to-date listing of all U.S. laws that are transgender-inclusive; quality articles and resources on legal issues affecting transgendered and gender variant people. Intended for activists, policymakers, and academics.
Transgender Law Center
Civil rights organization advocating for transgender communities. Features mission, board, staff, services, clients and client stories. Based in San Francisco, CA.