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Andy's Journal Before, During and After Surge
Journal of the effects of surgery and testosterone.
Diane's Transgender Home
The personal home site of an MTF, with journal entries and other transition-related content.
Diary of a Sex Change
After nearly two years of hormones, anxiety, and longing to be called 'sir,' an FTM says: 'I'm finally able to be me.'
Frankie's Chest Surgery Journal
A journal recounting details before and after their chest surgery, performed by Dr. Brownstein.
Ghost of an Ideal Life
A story about one woman's transition from being an alienated teenage male to a moderately happy woman in her mid-thirties.
Implantable Testosterone Pellet
A collection of emails i've posted to MtMInfo and other lists about my experience with the T pellet.
Lindas Transsexuality Retreat
Information and links on transsexuality, gender reassignment, and gender dysphoria with emphasis on family and children's issues. Includes detailed account of Linda's Gender Reassignment in Montreal.
Lynn LeFey's Journal
Details of a woman's transition, as she goes from believing she is a transvestite, coming to the realization that she is a transsexual.
Mon Web en Rose
Personal home site including a diary of an MTF as she transitions.
My Montreal Journey
Alex wrote up an account of his Montreal chest surgery experience.
Petra's Place - A Transsexual's Journey
Personal website of a Canadian MTF. Photos, diary, and links to resources.
Pre-Post Chest Surgery
Reid's account of his chest surgery.
Subversive Number? 14 - Hormones
Cheryl talks about the effects of estrogen upon her life.
Techno Dyke Headquarters - Pat Califa - A Three Pa
Patrick Califia talks about his transition process.
The Diary of Melanie Anne
Transsexual diary spanning eight years - from the first day of hormone therapy to a final personal peace five years after sex reassignment surgery.
The Real Life Test
Autobiography of an MTF going through everything from birth to job searches to surgery.
The Transition Tapes
On running into the yard naked, using the 'phone voice,' and beer shampoo.
Transgender - Paula and Caroline - Our transition
An MTF couple talk about both of their transition experiences.