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Girl Juice - Hormones for Feminization, Hormones . . . Hormones? . . . Hormones!
Andy's Journal Before, During and After Surge, Diane's Transgender Home, Diary of a Sex Change, Frankie's Chest Surgery Journal, Ghost of an Ideal Life, Implantable Testosterone Pellet, Lindas Transsexuality Retreat, Lynn LeFey's Journal, Mon Web en Rose, My Montreal Journey
Dr. Schrang, Dr. Schrang Patient Information, Dr.Chettawut Tulayaphanich, Dysphoria: Transgender Chest Reconstruction, Gary Alter M.D., Gender Reassignment Surgery, Interview with Shoshanna Gillick, MD, Linda's Gender Reassignment in Montreal, Phuket Plastic Surgery Center, Thailand., PMT GelShapes
Gender and Life's Paths
California therapist provides information and resources for persons with transgender concerns and issues.
Gender Dysphoria and Gender Identity Disorder
A psychotherapist addresses gender dysphoria, transsexualism, transgenderism and cross-dressing. Professional resources included. Something for everyone.
Gender Identity Clinic of New England
This clinic provides services prior to surgery and surgery for FTM or MTF Gender Reassignment.
Harry Benjamin Standards of Care, The
The standards followed by many therapists for transsexuals seeking SRS or hormone therapy.
Health Law Standards of Care
Health Law proposed Standards of Care for Transsexualism -- an alternative to the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care for Gender Dysphoria
Ingersoll Gender Center
Ingersoll Gender Center. Serving the Transgender Community for 21 years. Support and Resources.
Intersexed and Transgendered People
Describes common forms of transgenderism and offers medical information and related links.