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Dr. Schrang
Details of services, with photographs of results.
Dr. Schrang Patient Information
Facts, requirements and prices for Gender Reassignment Surgery.
Dr.Chettawut Tulayaphanich
Details of gender reassignment surgery services offered. Located in Bangkok, Thailand.
Dysphoria: Transgender Chest Reconstruction
Introduction to the expected results, recovery time, potential risks and cost of female to male transgender chest reconstruction.
Gary Alter M.D.
One of only 2 physicians in the United States who is Board Certified in both urology and plastic surgery.
Gender Reassignment Surgery
Drs. Menard and Brassard do all kinds of FTM and MTF transsexual surgeries in their Montreal office.
Interview with Shoshanna Gillick, MD
Transgendered doctor talks about the Standards of Care, the psychiatric community, and the changes that need to be made.
Linda's Gender Reassignment in Montreal
Extensive account of Linda Simpson's gender reassignment in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1997.
Phuket Plastic Surgery Center, Thailand.
Offering cosmetic and plastic surgery, breast implants, reduction mammaplasty, face lifts, and MTF sex reassignment surgery.
PMT GelShapes
PMT Corporation offers the New Beginnings GelShapes for management of scars from breast reduction and other surgeries.
Road Map
Amy's "road map" through the requirements and components of male-to-female sex change surgery.
The Reed Centre for Genital Surgery
Offers gender re-assignment surgery for MTF and FTM transsexuals. Clinic tour, description of procedures with base pricing, and doctors background and qualifications. Near Miami, Florida.
TransGenderCare Health Information Archive
The TransGenderCare Site has been made available through the specialty practice of the Tampa Gender Identity Program, for those who are looking for a better understanding of male-to-female gender transitioning.