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Keep up with developments in online animation for all skill levels. Download tools, and seek inspiration from brilliant online work.
Animation - American and Japanese
Dan Patanella's essays and reviews on over three dozen films and animated series. Also includes list of animation books, articles, and magazines.
Animation World Network
Provides information resources to the international animation community. Features include searchable database archives, monthly magazine, web animation guide, the Animation Village, discussion forums and other useful resources.
Chronology of Animation
Timeline of animated films and related events.
Directory for cartoon, comics, anime, manga and game sites. Also includes message boards for conversing with fellow fans.
Digital Media FX: The History of Animation
Michael Crandol takes an exhaustive look at the history of animation and animators/visionaries like Max Fleisher, Walter Lantz, and Otto Messmer.
Enculturation: From Mouse to Mouse: Overcoming Inf
Essay by Patricia Pisters on the animated image and its changing relationship with the cinematic image.
History of Animation: Before Disney
A short, illustrated essay by Patrick James on the basics of early animations.
Spark Online: Only Genius Is Genius
Chris Romano feels that the proliferation of Flash and other web-based animation technologies has not improved the overall quality of animation and cartoons.
British cartoon, animation and comic strip creations - links, reviews and news from the UK.