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Computer and Internet
.COOP Registry, Carroll County REMC, CLIQ Services Cooperative, Colorado Internet Cooperative Association, Corvallis Area Federated Wireless Access Providers, employees.org, Flying Brick Industries, Gr0w Collective, LARIAT, Mad Hatters' Club
Development Agencies
Arctic Co-operatives Limited, Avon CDA, Cambridge CDA, CDA Dorset, Leicester & County CDA, Palestine Cooperative Development Unit, Rural Illinois Cooperative Development Center, SCENE (Cleveland CDA), Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency
Education and Training
BC Institute for Co-operative Studies, Center for Cooperatives, Center for the Study of Co-operatives, Co-operative College, University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, Zvi Galor Consultancy
1;20 Media
Workers' co-operative providing 3D previsualization and multimedia services.
Alpha Communication Ltd
A workers' co-operative providing graphic design, exhibition stand design and 3rd sector communications services in the North East of England.
Bicycle Doctor
Worker co-op providing cycle and bike equipment in Manchester, UK. Includes bicycle FAQ, online catalog, and links to bicycle groups in England.
Co-op Group
The world's largest co-operative society, with activity in a number of retail sectors, and subsidiaries in insurance, financial services and many more area (formerly known as CWS group).
Co-operative News
An independent publication for the UK co-operative sector.
Co-operative Union
An umbrella organization for UK co-operatives, providing a political voice. Also incorporates ICOM, a worker co-op body.
Electronic mailing list run by the Southampton Co-op Network to promote cooperatives. The emphasis is on UK co-ops, particularly worker co-ops. Includes links to list archives.
Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Coo
COPAC joins businesses of the cooperative movement with the United Nations, and farmers' and workers' organizations. General info on COPAC and its member organizations.
Cooperative Hall of Fame
The Cooperative Hall of Fame honors those distinguished individuals whose contributions to cooperative business have been genuinely heroic. Includes biographies of inductees and general information on the organization.
Cornell Cooperative Extension
An educational system that enables people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work. Includes course goals and general information.
Danish buying group for do-it-yourself products. Corporate profile and financials, map of members, and related links provided.
Environmental Services Co-operative
Co-operative created by environment scientists whose main aims are to promote and tackle environmental issues in various sectors.
European Community of Consumer Cooperatives
General information on European cooperatives; members site includes forum, message boards, articles, and coop chat.
Grassroots Economic Organizing
A newsletter about worker co-ops, economic democracy and sustainable, stakeholder-owned, democratically managed businesses in the US and worldwide.
A heating oil co-operative.
Humetasys Consumer-Purchasing Cooperative
Product line is geared toward a mission of promoting ?basic home systems.'
International Co-operative Alliance
Information about co-operatives worldwide from the ICA, their apex organization.
Iowa Institute for Cooperatives
Legislative Action, education & training business development assistance from this state organization.
Klien Karoo Co-operative
Produces ostrich leather, ostrich feathers and ostrich meat, as well as providing multiplication, distribution and marketing of quality pasture and vegetable seed.
National Cooperative Business Association
Contains general information on American cooperative businesses, a co-op events calendar, and NCBA membership information.
North American Students of Cooperation
Federation of campus-based housing and retail cooperatives in Canada and the U.S.
Orion Counselling and Research Co-operative
Handbooks about managing cooperatives, and links to worldwide cooperatives. In English, French and Spanish.
Oxford, Swindon & Gloucester Co-op
A consumer co-op with activities in food, motor and travel retail, funeral services and childcare.
Supplying recycled graphic and office papers.
The Phone Co-op
A highly successful consumer co-operative in the UK telecommunications sector.
Think electric collective
A worker owned and operated electrical contractor in Eugene, Oregon dedicated to providing living wage union jobs wile building a sustainable future.
UK Co-op Online Directory
A guide to the co-op movement and a directory of UK co-ops, sorted by field of work.
United Norwest Co-operatives
A UK consumer co-operative active in northwestern England, offering services and products as diverse as food, furniture, travel and funerals.
A co-operative of skilled professionals offering a wide range of services. We undertake a range of projects harnessing the skills of individual members, and group projects utilising the specialist skills of several of our members.