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A Little Bit of Everything
Dealer for a variety of antiques and collectibles including glassware, paintings, jewelry, and furniture. Pictures and contact information included.
Allexperts Antiques
Volunteer experts answer your questions about all different kinds of antiques; what they are, what they're worth, and where to find more.
Antique & Collectible Appraisals Online
Appraisal and reference information for a full range of antiques and collectibles. Auction news and collecting resources available.
Antique Appraisal.Net
Offers appraisals for antiques, porcelean, vintage automobiles, oriental rugs, books and manuscripts.
Antique Collectibles Guide
A national12-month Calendar describing Shows, Sales, Fairs, Expositions, and other very Special Happenings
Antique Garden
Collection of antique garden ornaments, farm antiques, garden antiques, old millstones, old stone troughs, antique flat stone, grinding stones, heritage pottery...all for your garden.
Antique Lures and Lure Boxes
Pre-1940 wood lures and their boxes. Over 500 pages of information, prices, photos, and how-to for collecting antique fishing lures.
Online community of restorers sharing ideas with each other and providing information and advice about the proper restoration and care of antiques, porcelain, furniture, glass, art, pottery, fine art, and fine art frames.
Antiques and Collectibles Connection
Complete resource center and guide for antique and collectibles dealers and hobbyists. Auction and marketing resources.
Antiques and Collectibles Dealer Associations
Links to the main antiques and collectibles dealer associations.
Antiques Bulletin Online
Contains a searchable auction calendar of over 9,000 auctions, a searchable fairs calendar over 4,500 fairs, an art prices index over 8,000. Buy and sell section, auction news, dealers news, fairs news, services, auction reports over 15 each week, pictures, dealers (including web sites), articles archive, and an online bookstore.
Site for antique and collectible News, Information, Tips, and the Top sites on the Web. Join AntiqueWeb Ring for Free.
Appraisal Day.com
Paul Royka, an appraiser on Antiques Roadshow, provides online appraisals of antiques, fine art, and collectibles.
AppraiseItNet.com - National Appraisers Network
Offers expert appraisals of antiques, decorative art, fine art and collectibles over the internet through a large network of professional appraisers in North America.
Informational site for early 1900's English metalware, particularly JS&S and Beldray copper and brass items.
Charles Locksmith.Com
A large collection of antique locks, skeleton keys, gate locks, doorknobs, roses and hinges.
Colin Ritchie & Company
Appraisals of antiques and fine arts for submission to auctions, estate valuation, and insurance purposes.
Colonial Arts
Specializes in Mexican retablos, santos, furniture, silver, ceramics, textiles, Spanish colonial art and antiques.
Currier & Ives Lithographs
Original Currier & Ives Lithographs and collector books from the collection of George Cohenour. Also offers conservation and restoration of antique lithographs and prints.
DeBence Antique Music World
Museum of antique mechanical musical instruments.
Fine Art Investments
Broker and appraisal services for paintings, early American furniture, art glass lamps, pre-Columbian artifacts, and other quality art and antiques worldwide.
Get Reel
Collectible reel to reel tape recorders from the 40's, 50's and 60's including brands such as Ferrograph, Grundig, Telefunken, and Ampex. Wanted and for sale ads included.
Gilai Collectibles
Shop in Jerusalem also selling online antique canes, clocks, dolls, scientific instruments, tools, inkwells, and equipment.
Ilene Wayne Productions: Collectibles in Paradis
Collecting Hawaiiana, antiques, toys, & other collectibles in Hawaii. Home of the Hawaii All-Collectors Show
Antique, collectible, and art appraisals plus news, tips, and show information.
International Arts and Antiques Fair
TEFAF Maastricht and pan Amsterdam, organised by The European Fine Art Foundation, are known for their high quality art and antiques.
Mallett Antiques
Dealers in rare English and Continental furniture, paintings and decorative objects.
Neyret Freres Woven Silk Tapestries
Shedding light on the Neyret Freres woven silk pictures which are tapestries created in France prior to 1950.
Prices for Antiques and Collectibles
Guide to international prices for antiques and collectibles and early American antique furniture.
Restoration Advice
Advice on Restoration of all manner of Antiques with personal advice of an experienced antique restorer.
Sheryl's Art Deco Emporium
Features many antique collectibles including clocks, dishes, tables, lamps, jewelry, and furniture. UK location and contact information provided. Ships internationally.
The Four Winds Collection
Bronze sculptures, collectible and historical photographs, limited edition prints, sports and horse racing memorabilia, toys, autographs, movie memorabilia, and character collectibles.
The Guild Of Antique Dealers and Restorers (GADAR)
Trade organization assisting the public with their restoration and conservations questions and needs. Connects people with skilled member restoration experts.
The Quasiofficial rec.antiques FAQ
Information on posting at rec.antiques.
Western Collectibles Appraisals
Cowboy/western, Indian and Civil War collectibles appraisals.