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Breaking News
allAfrica.com: Science and Biotechnology, AlphaGalileo, Ananova News: Science and Discovery, BBC News: Science/Nature, BrightSurf.com, Buzzle.com: Science & Technology, CORDIS - News, EEVL: OneStep Industry News, EurekAlert!, Europa: Research Information Centre
Radio Programs
A Moment of Science (AMOS), Arctic Science Journeys Radio, Australian Broadcasting Corporation - The Science , BBC Radio 4: Science, Berkeley Groks, Butseriously.com, CBC Radio One: Quirks & Quarks, Earth & Sky : Radio Shows, Environminute, Everyday Science
Television Programs
NOVA: Science in the News, PBS NewsHour: Science, Tomorrow Today
A View From the Peak, A Voyage to Arctucus, Affects Me: Science Watch, Algorithm and the Blog, All These Worlds, Alternative Energy Blog, American Physical Society - What's New by Bob, Another World Is Here, AYM Network, Biology News .Net
ABC Online: Science
Presents local and international breaking news and features from The Lab along with details of their TV and radio programs. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Aljazeera.Net: Sci-Tech
News and features about science and technology worldwide.
BBC News - Science/Nature
News feed on topics in the natural sciences.
BBC News: Science/Nature
Offers news and feature stories plus audio and video programs and clips about the natural sciences.
CBC - Health and Science News
Top stories, headlines, and indepth coverage from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Christian Science Monitor - Sci/Tech
News feed on biology, the Internet, environment, space, and other topics.
Christian Science Monitor - Sci/Tech
Includes articles and columns on computing, the environment, the Internet and space.
Deutsche Welle: Science & Technology
News and analysis from Germany and Europe. Includes live TV and radio.
Education Guardian: Sciences
Latest news, analysis and commentary includes research findings, sector news, profiles, interviews and special reports.
Guardian Unlimited: Life
Daily-updated UK site focusing on science, environment and medicine. Latest news, opinions, analysis and background from the Guardian and Observer newspapers plus interactive guides and talkboards.
PBS: Science
Television show companion sites for science series and specials, plus web-original sites. From the Public Broadcasting Service in the USA.
News, views and information about science, technology and the developing world. Includes articles from other news sources worldwide.
ScienCentral News
Independent news bureau offers science and technology reporting for radio and television. Includes print and video archives of recent programs including PBS's NOVA News Minutes. [RealPlayer or QuickTime]
Selected analysis, opinion, features, background and book reviews from international news sources. Includes email updates and links to breaking news sites and sci/tech publications.
Springer Online: Science News
Roundup of scientific and medical research news from major universities and laboratories worldwide. Includes journal search and free online access to abstracts and tables of contents in over 500 journals and 2000 books.
Telegraph: Connected
Includes the latest science, technology and dotcom news plus regular columnists, features, Boot Camp, competitions and computer book reviews.
The Hindu: Sci Tech
Weekly section of India's national newspaper offers news and features.
The New York Times: Science
Offers news and features about current scientific issues and advances in the earth, life, physical, social and space sciences.
The Why Files
Well-researched, educational descriptions of the actual science behind current news stories. From the University of Wisconsin, supported by the National Institute for Science Education of the NSF.