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Alchemind Society
An international nonprofit association of people working in the public interest to protect the fundamental right to freedom of thought through the use of drugs. Includes news, law library, journal, and organizational and membership information.
Ambitious Addict
Discussion forum, photos, and user contributions.
Archido: Archives for Drug Literature
Provides database, bibliographies, reviews, and links.
Chill Pharm
A portal for discussion of the drug counter-culture. Featuring news, policy and health discussions, experiences, and techniques.
Codeine Information
A non-profit source of information on the recreational use of codeine, dihydrocodeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and pholcodine. Includes facts, extraction guide, list of products containing codeine, information on side effects, addiction and tolerance.
Crack Cocaine
Information, history, facts, and pictures of crack and cocaine.
Drug Calculator
Allows the user to calculate how much money is spent monthly and annually on drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.
Drugs Forum
Information and forum about most recreational drugs.
Organization whose main purpose is the dissemination and production of information on substance use, addiction, harm reduction, and drug policy.
Green Party
Focuses on drug policies in the United Kingdom and global cannabis news and harm reduction information. Also sells Ecstasy testing kits and books.
Recreational Drugs Information
Provides information about a wide range of recreational drugs, including their effects and historical usages.
Responsible Drug Use
Offers a Duncanian perspective on the nature of responsible, non-addictive use of recreational drugs, including concerns for situational, health, and safety responsibilities.
The Drugs Index
Portal to drug-related websites organized by topic, and a chat room.
The Lycaeum
Contains a comprehensive listing of various mind altering substances, including their chemical structures and effects (with first person accounts).
The Street Drug Truth
Basic information about a variety of drugs, plus pictures and some drug testing advice.
The Vaults of Erowid
Index of drugs, with physical effects, images, history, chemistry and law information for each. Articles and sections for wide variety of drug related material, including law, experiences, community, drug testing, spirituality, health, and artistic endeavors.