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A Quantitative Profile of a Community of Open Sour
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, study: histories, analyses, explanations.
cugy.net - Computer Users Group of Yokota
A great resource for fun, information and of course... computers.
General information on Free Software (Open Source) and its community.
Intel Open Source Computer Vision Library
The computer vision library will provide a wide range of functions, including gesture recognition, object-tracking, face recognition and camera calibration, that will help researchers develop ways to use "computer vision" as a method for people to interact with computers.
Open Source Development Network
The OSDN brings many of the Open Source community's favorite gathering places together and makes it easier to move between them.
Open Source Resources
Resource site for Open Source Software researchers. Contains a bibliography, news and opinion sources, and links.
A number of Open Source software projects that run on various HP (former Compaq) systems.
A community website for Filipino Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS) advocates.
(slightly skeptical) open source software educational society. Eastern European focus; many links are ideal for those with few resources in hardware or money.
Home of AYB, an open source multi-lingual instant messenger client.