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Access Place Food
A large collection of links to food magazines, gourmet recipes and to cooking, dining, beverage and chef sites.
For those who live to eat, a site with food news, talk about favorite foods, favorite restaurants.
Food Reference Website
Articles on food history, recipes, food trivia, culinary facts, quotes and events, games.
Food Resources
Large collection of food links for caterers, chefs and hospitality management students. Maintained by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Food Site of the Day
A directory of food related websites, articles, features and book reviews. Spotlights and briefly reviews five sites each week.
Food Trivia and Fun Facts
Fun facts and trivia relating to food.
Garlic Festival Foods
A wealth of garlic facts, recipes and resources from Gilroy, California. Also online ordering.
Keith Famie's Adventures
Globe trotting chef brings flavor and adventure to the cyber-world kitchen.
Send electronic postcards with images of all kinds of food and beverages, including desserts and appetizers.
Museum of Foreign Grocery Products
Large collection of photographs from around the world.
Never Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Like Garlic
Information and personal stories.
Nick Paine's Exotic Kitchen
Culinary archaeologist presents a dramatic study of exotic and historic tribal foods, filmed in the Peruvian Amazon.
A pastry, baking and dessert resource with up-to-date information on trends, tips, and events in the pastry and baking industry.
Project: Denny's
And so it was written that at each Denny's there shall be a worker whose image resembles that of Saint Al of Yankovic. (not official site, one man's Denny's quest.)
Rogov's Israel
Restaurant and wine critic explores the culinary potential of Israel. Restaurant guide, ethnic and regional recipes, local wines and culinary anecdotes.
Sally's Place
Food and drink news, reviews, recipes, restaurants and travel.
Sandwich Lover's Club
Dedicated to the art of making a great sandwich. Features a message board, photo albums, recipes, and thought and opinions about anything 'sandwich'.
SoYouWanna.com Food and Drink
"How to" advice in detailed steps to creating romantic meals, choosing wine and scotch, enjoying sushi, brewing beer, cooking barbecue, and mixing drinks.
Supermarket Guru
Shopping information and advice, product reviews and ratings, and cooking tips.
Home of the Sushi FAQ (frequently asked questions) with information about sushi, sashimi, and related Japanese food.
Focused entirely on food - eating, drinking, cooking, consuming, as well as obsessing on food, wine, recipes, restaurants, and yumminess.
The Edible Journey Through China
A thorough, interactive site about Chinese food, including history, cooking school, regional cuisines, snacks, and medicinal foods.
The Empty Bowl
Reviews of breakfast cereal, as well as cereal related news.
The Rice Page
A complete reference on rice and its business with links to information on its history, culture, business, and recipes.
Too Many Chefs
A collection of writers cover food news and culture, cooking, ingredient sources, photography, and yes, even recipes.
The site is devoted to epicurean adventures on the Internet. Visitors are taken on themed, food-related virtual tours.
World of Mayonnaise
Satirical site all about mayonnaise, with recipes and ratings of different brands.
Travel, food, and wine, and in particular, dining in France and New York City.
Worldwide I Hate Mayonnaise Club
A club for people who hate mayonnaise. Site includes letters and membership information.
Zenobia Nuts and Seeds
Find out all about pistachios, cashews, macadamias, sunflower and pumpkin seeds from Zenobia.