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Asian Highway Network, Asian Roads, Intertoll, Korea Highway Corporation, Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation, National Highways Authority of India, Tarmat Infrastructural and Engineering Ltd, Utilities - Maps of India
Big Dig
Boston Central Artery/Tunnel History, Bridging the Big Dig, MSNBC: Boston's "Big Dig" opens to , The Big Dig, The Big Dig, an Astrology, Prophecy and New Age An, The Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Yet Another Big Dig Web Page
Bridges and Tunnels
Europe, North America, William H. Harsha Bridge, A Span For All Seasons, Bridge of the Month Quiz, MrTunnel.com, The Bridges Project, The Tunnel Page
America's Byways, Colorado Scenic Byways, Gold Belt Byway Tour, Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, Kansas Scenic Byways, Lake Country Scenic Byway, Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway, Louisiana's Scenic Byways, Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway, Mirror Lake Scenic Byway
Jamaica, Puerto Rico
Construction and Planning
Inter-County Connector, Alameda County Transportation Authority, Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Clark County Public Works, Dryden Area Highway Planning Study, Fix101.org, I-19 Corridor Study, I-75 Master Plan Study, I-75 Mobility, Jacksonville.com: In a Jam?, Lake County Engineering Division
AboutVia, Andy's Highway Kickoff Page, California Highways: Other Links, Nationwide Interstate Links, Roadfan Locator
Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Association des Sociétés Françaises d'Autorou, Autosnelwegen.net, Autostrade, Autostrady.com, DPower, Driving in Germany - The Autobahn, Eperly, European International Road Signs And Conventions, European Route System, Euroroads
Exit Lists
Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, Interstate Guide, Motorways - Exit Lists, Star Owl's Highway Heaven
1999 Republic of Chris Road Atlas, A Modest Proposal on U.S. Highway Numbering, Fictional Freeways, Fictional Freeways, Fictional Freeways, James Republic Committee of Transportation, List of Fictional Interstates, The Fantasy Page, The US Highways that never were
Lincoln Highway, A Few Ghostation and Ghostroad Pix, Columbia River Highway, Dixie Highway, El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic, Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, Highway History, Historic Auto Trails of Massachusetts, Historic Columbia River Highway, Interregional Highways, New England Interstate Highways of the 1920s
Roundabouts, An VRML rendering of the 15-91 interchange, Corona, California Freeway Interchanges, Chris's UK Roads Directory - Bad Junctions, Continuous Flow Intersections, Highway Feature of the Week, Images of Britain - Spaghetti Junction, Interchange of the Week, Kurumi's Field Guide to Interchanges, Michigan Left Turn, Museum of Dumb Highway Design
Interstate 69
A Commonsense I-69, Bloomington for I-69, Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads (CARR), DOTD I-69, SIU 15 Project Site, Environmental Impacts and Engineering Assessment, Evansville Courier & Press: Following I-69, High Priority Corridors 18 and 20 - Interstate 69, I-69 Segment #13 General Information, I-69 Texas, I-69 Texas Corridor Study
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Calrog.com Forum, Hit The Road!, Roadgeek Forums, Roadgeeks (Un)Anonymous' Journal, Roads and Travel, The I-95 Travel Forums, Yahoo! Groups: seroads - Southeast Roads and Trans, Yahoo! Groups: Transportation, Yahoo! Groups: Travel
North America
Canada, Mexico, United States, CANAMEX Trade Corridor, Driving In The USA And Canada - Types Of Roads, Gribblenation.com, Highway and Road Conditions for Canada and United , Places 2 Ride, Ratetheroads.com, RoadTrip America, The Expressway Site
Australia, New Zealand
Online Traffic Cameras
Atlanta Traffic Cameras, BBC London Jam Cams, British Columbia Highway Cams, Buckeye Traffic Webcam Portal, Caltrans Traffic View, Cam Views - New York, Camera Descriptions, Camera Images, City of Toronto: RESCU Traffic Cameras, Cleveland.com: Traffic Cams
Pennsylvania Turnpike
Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, Historic Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Pennsylvania Turnpike Information Page, The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, The Penna Turnpike at Pennsylvania Road Photos
Aerial, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Highway Ends, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America
Route 66
About.com Route 66, Across The Tracks: A Route 66 Story, Barstow Route 66 Mother Road Museum, Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven, Blue Swallow Motel, Bring Back US Highway Route 66, California Route 66 Preservation Foundation, Canadian Route 66 Home Page, Cermak Plaza Sculptures, Cool Springs on Route 66
Signs and Signals
Arts and Environment Initiative, Australian Signs & Signals, Bartolomeo: Traffic Signs of the World, Chinese Traffic Signs, Danny's Daily's The "Sign" Col, Diamond Signs, Dutch Traffic Signs, Evaluation of Traffic Signal Displays for Protecte, France Road Signs, German Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
Toll and Automated
E-Z Pass, Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission, HowStuffWorks: How E-ZPass Works, HowStuffWorks: How Intelligent Highways Will Work, International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Associat, M-TAG, MACPASS - Automated Toll Collection System, Toll Facilities in the United States, Toll Roads of America, TollRoadsNews
misc.transport.road Frequently Asked Questions
Private page covering numerous aspects.
Description of the World's Road Numbering Sys
Many details from nearly every country.
IHCC Web Library
International Highway Construction Corporation, supporters of a highway system connecting most of the world which would include a Bering Strait bridge and Japan-South Korea tunnel.
Me and the Roads
Java game involving road-building.
Route logs composed by tourist businesses located along the routes.
Off Road Routes
Downloadable tracks and lanes suitable for 4x4 vehicles documented with photographs, GPS, descriptions and distances, graded by difficulty.
Should Cities Convert One-Way Streets to Two-Way?
Commentary by Reason Public Policy Institute. Includes some history of one-way street creation.
Slashdot: Supercomputers Used to Study Urban Traff
A link to an article and discussion about the science of traffic.
Trafficware Software
Download demo software for simulating intersections, traffic signals, and traffic flow.
Traffic simulation software demo.
World Highways Magazine
News on designing, construction, financing, maintaining and operating major roads worldwide.