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Anti Social
Evil Geniuses, Anti-Social Primer, BS! (a.k.a Boarding School), Hate the Mainstream, Nihilists' Corner, Pentathol.com
Biker Bars, Biker-Friendly Campgrounds, Bikers' Rights, Directories, International, Personal Pages, 10%er Brotherhood, In the Wind Forum, InjuredBiker - Support for Downed & Disabled r, Jerry Palmer, Mad Maps, Milk bar cowboys of the 1940's,1950's,19, Motorcycle Menace: Media Genres and the Constructi, Open Road Radio, RallyPics, Steel Horse
Memes, Net Legends, Web Fights, Anachron City: Library: CyberCulture, Big Fat Site, Camborg, Codine, Cyberanthropology.org, Cyberbuss, Electronic Frontier Foundation: Net.Culture Archiv, Electronic Literature Directory, Ellis in Wonderland, Faces Assembly Line
Generation "Fuck You", Netweed: Web Directory and News, Siklink, Spiral Wave Directory and Search Engine, The Useless Information Society, totse.com, Zenzibar Alternative Culture
Geeks and Nerds
News and Media, Tests, A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys, Gazebo, Geek Chic, Geek Code, Geek Cruises, Geek Culture, Geek Girl Humour, Geek Nation, Geek Speak Radio, Geek.com
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Angeldustrial, Austin TX industrial/goth/ebm community, Club Electrocution, Evilbeat Industrial Community, Exile Friday's in Lyndhurst, NJ, Industrial 101, Insta Rivethead Kit, Kansas City's Industrial List, Kontrol Faktory Random Archives, LAgoth
Lounge Culture
Tiki, Cocktail Renaissance, Eve Music Store's Cocktail Page, Java's Swinging Bachelor Pad, Lotta Living, Mondo Lounge: Where Cocktail Cultures Collide, Mr. Suave's Swingin' Cocktail Lounge, Paper Lantern Trading Co., Serve Chilled, Smoking Redhead Club, The Atomic Lounge Show
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Man's Ruin, Pissed and Proud, Promote Chaos Oi and Punk Fest 2001, Skinhead Nation, Skinheadrock.com, Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, Skinheads.Net, The Nordskins, Tri-County Skinzine, World Wide Skinhead Pride
An Introduction to Trainspotting, Anorak, a Term of Abuse, Basher Speak, BBC News: Plane-spotters knew the risks, Going Native, Guardian Unlimited: Notes and Queries, Guardian Unlimited: Ooh - Is that a Belgian F-16, How to Tell Apart a Trainspotter's Top 10 fro, Memories of a Train Spotting Lady, The Joys of Birdwatching
Straight Edge
BBC h2g2: Straight Edge Philosophy, Calder's Straightedge Homepage, Grrrls With X's On Their Hands, Kids With an Edge, Need for Retaliation X Straight-Edge X, PopulationX, Straight Edge .com, Straight Edge : Why I Made the Positive Choice, Straight Edge Life, Straight Edge on 20/20
Urban Primitive
Body Modification, Fist and Fangs, Piercing and the Modern Primitive, The Accelerating Collision of Past and Future in
Mind Space
Virtual community formed to discuss a sustainable future, reality selection, surrounding philosophies, cyber culture, literature, alternative lifestyles and viewpoints, freedom of information, music, and psychedelics.
Subcultural Styles Discussion List
Mailing list regarding the theory and empirical investigation of 'deviant' subcultural styles.
Online community for people who don't feel part of the mainstream. Hosts sites for individuals.