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Information on this method of gardening using mineral preparations and planetary rhythms, and services including workshops and garden design. Based in the UK.
Offers a collection of garden reference materials, including a plant gallery and profiles, archives of mailing lists, gardening news, and links.
Mimi.hu: Gardening
Provides a directory of biological and horticultural terms, with links to online encyclopedia entries for each term.
Mr Hildreths Garden Centre
Traditional Garden Centre in Prestwood, High Wycombe offering DIY, China & Glassware as well as general garden products.
Offers plant database with photos and summary information, Q&A on various garden topics, and a garden blog.
Pioneer Thinking: Gardening Center
Information and tips on outdoor and indoor gardening. Many articles grouped by topic.
The New York Botanical Garden: Continuing Educatio
Offers classes about plants, gardening, commercial horticulture and landscape design.
Lawn and garden resources for homeowners whose garden is not their hobby. Includes information and care data for many plants, shrubs, and trees, and dealing with pests and problems.