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A Logic-Based Concurrent Object-Oriented Programmi, Tempo: a declarative concurrent programming langua
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A Collection of TRAC Hello World Programs, Andrew Walker's TRAC Bookmarks, Catalog of compilers: TRAC, Trac 2001, TRAC Foundation
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Phil Rasch's Yorick page, Regular Expressions: Yorick Plays a Role, The Yorick Programming Language, Yorick, Yorick FAQ, Yorick Maintenon Branch, Yorick Unofficial Home Page, YTK: Yorick - Tcl/Tk
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An Introduction to Programming Languages
A page for people who know one language and are wondering about learning another.
CodeComments Programming Languages Discussions
Web access to Usenet newsgroups of various programming languages.
Introduction to Programming Languages
Book by Anthony A. Aaby.
Lambda the Ultimate
Programming Languages Weblog with news and discussion.
PLNews: Programming Language News
News, articles, announcements and information focusing on programming languages.
The Retrocomputing Museum
Dedicated to programs that induce sensations that hover somewhere between nostalgia and nausea.The freaks, jokes, and fossils of computing history.
Programming languages related terms.