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Business and Companies
Consultants, AlphaPort Ltd., Arabian Advanced Systems, Canadian Institute of Knowledge Management, Comprehensive Solutions, Datum Consulting, Dialog, Diversified Technology, E-Intelligence, Edge Training and Consulting, Enterprise Knowledge
Case Studies
Beep Knowledge System, Case Study: Knowledge Portal at Cisco, DesignNet, Knowledge Management at Arthur D. Little - Organiz, Knowledge Management at Health Canada, Learning and Innovation - Armed With Intelligence, Managing Knowledge The Chevron Way, McKnow, On-Line Distance Learning, Learning Communities an, The Competitive Semiconductor Manufacturing Human
Gotcha, ICASIT's Knowledge Management Central, KMTool, Knowledge Management Center Info, Knowledge Management Links, Knowledge Management Resource Center, Knowledge Management Resource Center, Knowledge Management Server, Knowledge Portal on Document and Data Organization, Knowledge-Portal.com
Distributed Knowledge
Access Algorithms and Data Structures Underlying a, Authority in the Context of Distributed Knowledge, Can Knowledge be Distributed? The Dynamics of Know, Distributed Knowledge Modeling through the World W, Distributed Knowledge Research Collaborative, Dynamic Knowledge Communities Initiative, Infrastructures, Incentives and Institutions: Fost, Kind Theory and Distributed Knowledge Capture, Peer-Mediated Distributed Knowledge Management, Web Epistemology - The Web as Distributed Knowledg
Brian Thwaits, Braintrainer, Clear Course Inc., Competitive Intelligence at Acadia University, DesignWorlds for Learning, eKnowledge Center, Knowledge Science Institute (KSI), Lancaster University Management School, Open University Business School, Post Graduate Program in Knowledge Management, Princeton Center
KM and KE Employment Opportunities, TFPL KnowledgeRecruit, The One Umbrella
Past, ICKM'05 - International Conference on Knowled
Information Architecture
Associations and Conferences, Addwise, Amichi, Apperceptive, Argus Center for Information Architecture, ASIS Summit 2000: Presentations, B C Bennett, Becoming an Information Architect, Boxes and Arrows, Contentology.com, ContextualAnalysis
Information Assets
Books, Business Intelligence, Digital Asset Management, Learning Organizations, Memory Improvement, Organizational Memory, Software, Harvesting Knowledge from the Organization's , Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling for Corporate M, Management Responsibility in Protecting Informatio, Measuring Intellectual Assets, Securing Your Organization's Information Asse, Social Capital
Information Overload
Effects, Email Overload, Hypertext, Relevance Filtering, A Few Thoughts on Cognitive Overload, Agents that Reduce Work and Information Overload, Change and Information Overload: Negative Effects, Deep Thinking and Deep Reading in an age of InfoGl, Desperately Seeking: Helping Hands and Human Touch, eCFO - Fighting Information Overload, How Much Information, Information Management, Information Overload - An IR problem?, Information Overload Annotated Webliography
Knowledge Creation
Brainstorming, Concept Mapping, Innovation and Idea Management, Mind Mapping, Problem Solving, Brain-Trusts, Business Thinking Implementation, Centre for the Development of Creative Thinking, Create-It! Inc., Creative Center of the Universe, CreativeThink, Creativity at Work, Creativity Consulting: Proactive Solutions, DirectedCreativity, Executive Development Inc.
Knowledge Discovery
Books, Business and Companies, Information Visualization, Magazines and E-zines, Organizations, Software, Text Mining, Bibliography: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery , Goldridge Strategic Landscapes, KD Nuggets Tool Links, Knowledge Discovery In Databases: Tools and Techni, Knowmadic Inc., Megaputer Intelligence, Mining Customer Data, model&mine, Net Perceptions, Nonlinear Thinking
Knowledge Flow
Collaboration, Communities of Practice, Computer Mediated Communication, Hoarding and Sharing, Knowledge Markets, Storytelling, Suggestion Solicitation, A Theory of Implicit and Explicit Knowledge, Bottom-Up Knowledge Capture, Dynamic Models of Knowledge Flow Dynamics, Following the Knowledge Flow, How Does Knowledge Flow? Inter-Firm Patterns in th, How Does Your Knowledge Flow?, Knowledge Management: Recognition & Reward, Off the Charts, Salmon Migrate from Stream to Sea and Back Again: , Sense-Making
Knowledge Representation
Events, Ontologies, Publications, Research Groups, Semantic Web, Systems, Topic Maps, Conceptual Graphs Home Page, John Sowa on Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF), Knowledge Representation Resources, KR, Inc., Modeling and Simulation, Tockit Project, WebKB
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Classification, Cross Language, APR Smartlogik, ASE Edge, E-Commerce News - Upgrade and Archive: The Ongoing, eManage, Information Retrieval, Intellilinker, ISYS, Knowledge Concepts, Strategy Software Inc
Applied Knowledge Research Institute, Council on Library and Information Resources, euroCRIS, Information & Knowledge Management Society, Knowledge and Innovation Network, Knowledge and Organizational Performance Forum, Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association, Knowledge Management Consortium International, Knowledge Management Group - Charles Sturt Univers, Knowledge Management in the Federal Government
Articles, Butterworth-Heinemann Knowledge Management, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, Emerald Knowledge Management Community, Frid Framework for Enterprise Knowledge Management, Green Chameleon, I3 Update, IntelligentKM, Journal of Knowledge Management, Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, Kmbook.com
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Knowle
FAQ from the Graduate School of Business, University of Texas at Austin. Features a glossary of terms.
CKO Online
Archive of electronic documents related to knowledge management, strategic intelligence, organizational innovation and related management topics with keyword search ability. Also offers subscriber newsletter.
Column Two
News and opinion articles by James Robertson. Features archives.
Destination KM
Portal providing access to research and news items with a focus on strategies and applications in the corporate world. Features a reading list, events and a newsletter.
EdNA Online - Knowledge Management
Portal from Education Network Australia hosts links and research papers. Features events and courses.
Gurteen Knowledge
Comprehensive portal that provides forums, blogs, news feeds, event calendar, book reviews, articles, case studies, resource links, KM who's who listing, and extensive archives.
How to Save the World
Dave Pollard's articles and papers on knowledge work and business innovation. Includes a table of contents and resources.
An international initiative supporting communication and collaboration between subject gateway providers and related parties. Features toolkit project and discussion list.
Insights from University of Sheffield on information management, science and systems. Includes the international e-journal Information Research, a list of related academic departments and guide to resources.
Provides a knowledge network and support environment for the IT industry. Features discussion groups, news, newsletters and a job bank.
KM Advantage
Resource serving the corporate community with articles, calendar of events and training tools. Features an overview, bibliography, links and news.
KM World
Practices and applications of information and communications technologies involved in the management of the component functions of KM systems. Features news, editorials, conferences and resources.
Collective repository, annotated and cross-linked. Includes an index.
Knowledge Based Economies
Research report traces the generation and flow of knowledge and the mobility of knowledge workers. Features conference papers.
Knowledge Board
Forum to establish a community and to support and identify commonality in terminology, application and implementation. Features news, workshops, a library, event schedule and discussion forums.
Knowledge Management & Workflow
A collection of annotated resources featuring links to articles, reports, case studies and organizations. From CALT Encyclopedia.
Knowledge Management - Emerging Perspectives
An introduction to key concepts in the field. Features annotated links to related resources. By Gene Bellinger.
Knowledge Management Lab
Center at Florida International University that researches and evaluates practices, processes and technologies. Offers papers, links, information on mission objectives and member profiles.
Knowledge Management Research Center
Resources including selecting and organizing the intellectual capital of a company, what corporate knowledge management projects seek to find, and presenting that knowledge in a way that helps employees comprehend and act on that information. Features portals, case studies, books, events and a free newsletter.
Knowledge Management Research Program
Studies technological and organizational challenges associated with introducing KM into the enterprise and conducts projects which apply and refine theoretical models. Features publications and projects.
Knowledge Nurture
Buckman Laboratories offers resources for practitioners, newcomers, academics and students. Features articles, a library and events listings.
Features articles on intellectual capital, customer capital and business intelligence. Also offers information on conferences and industry news.
Management and Information Systems Research Group
University of York's research projects in knowledge management, communities of practice, systems and globally distributed groups. Features current and potential projects.
Mathemagenic: Learning and KM Insights
This klog (knowledge blog) is used as a learning diary that documents journey of Lilia Efimova in the land of knowledge workers' networks, learning, creativity and knowledge sharing.
Mental Model Musings
Gene Bellinger's study of the concept of systems. Includes an introduction to systems thinking, articles about modeling and simulation and an examination of applications in business and organizations.
Resources on Knowledge Management
Bibliography of print sources for a study that focuses on applied aspects of the field.
Tacit Knowing
Dr. Juani Swart's resources for integrating theory and practice. Features conference papers, links and contact information.
The Knowledge Management Forum
Virtual community of practice focused on furthering fundamental theories, methods and practices. Features archives and news.